What motivates me on a 112mile bike during an Ironman? Simple, knowing there is my favorite ZenEvo chocolate in my special needs bag at mile 68! It’s a great mental and physical pick me up, I wouldn’t race without it!

Sofie BellIronman Chattanooga 2015

ZenEvo is the absolute perfect, guilt free chocolate I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. Not only do they taste incredible, but they’re portioned in a way that takes the “oh no, I’m eating chocolate” guilt out of the equation. My girlfriend and I routinely split the peanut butter cups when we visit Eddie’s Health Shoppe in Knoxville, TN, and we can’t say enough good things about the chocolate or the people who produce it.

Ross DeFalle

I first learned about it at the knoxville marathon packet pick up expo last year in 2015. It is my go-to source for caffeine when I need to have minimal bathroom breaks like during exercise or travel.
I was particularly amazed with ZenEvo a couple months ago when I drove from Knoxville to Cincinatti. The trip takes about 4 hours, we had exactly that much time to get there before the game started. We left early afternoon, which is when I usually have an energy slump, it was pouring the rain, and traffic was heavy. With my ZenEvo, I was able to stay alert and drive for 3 straight hours without stopping. I am confident that I could’ve driven the whole way had I not needed gas & a little boy in the backseat didn’t need a potty break!
There have been countless other times that ZenEvo’s performance has impressed me.
My family and I are thankful for this product! We recommend it regularly

Lelia MyersMarathon Runner

As a triahlete, dad and professional, my mornings often begin at 4a.m. The Energy Zenevo Dark Chocolate is always part of my workout and race day routine. It has just the right amount of sugar and caffeine to give me a boost. I lay it out on the counter the night before, it is my reward for getting up early.

Alan Horton2016 Ironman World Championship Qualifier

I’m Kerrie Byrd, a certified personal trainer, PE teacher and bodybuilding competitor. I practice flexible dieting and love getting a sweet tooth fix! ZenEvo chocolate is the perfect treat for a little pick me up! I don’t feel guilty having a square or a peanut butter cup knowing they’re full of whole foods and real ingredients. One square or one cup is satisfying enough to fix my sweet tooth. They’re perfect, if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out!

Kerrie ByrdPersonal Trainer / PE Teacher

“Each version was outstanding. No aftertaste at all, no upset stomach and side effects for me.  Over the last few weeks I would have a piece after a workout or dinner and it hit the spot just right.  The square piece was just the perfect size.  Again, for me with dark chocolate, I can eat a small piece and I am done for the night.”

Full review here

Fred Lechugawww.fat2fitfred.com

“Just restocked on your energy dark chocolate. I’ve been having it with my pre-workout like you recommended and loving it. I’m 3wks out from Team Universe and will bring some with me. The chocolate is perfect to help me get a pump for pre-judging!”

Than Tran

“I love the chocolates! As far as normal dark chocolate goes I thought the quality was excellent especially considering they’ve effectively been fortified with nutritional supplements. Dark Chocolate is a useful part of a well balanced diet for any endurance athlete; I had one to two per day – usually after working out or in the evening. Although chocolate is not the most stable delivery method for on-the-go use, I’d keep some in my kitchen cabinet or fridge alongside recovery drinks and healthy snack!”

Richard Bolt

Hi there! Just writing to say how much I love your healthy chocolate! I have been enjoying  Zenevo Fit Chocolate for several months now as my daily treat 🙂 The raspberry ketones combined with the smooth dark chocolate is perfect! It gives me energy and boosts my mood with chocolate goodness! Thank you for making such a yummy product 🙂

Eileen W.
I am truly amazing at your customer service! Answering my email on a Saturday evening, especially when your home team is playing in the Battle at Bristol!
A 50 unit box is above and beyond what is needed.
This product changed my life. I had a 2-3 soft drink a day “habit”. Your energy squares helped me kick the soft drink habit, and now I look forward to my sweet after lunch treat that gives me a “boost”. I have been soft drink free for 2 years. #teamZenEvoenergy.
I am a salon manager at a large volume salon in Murfreesboro, TN (30 miles south of Nashville). I will be displaying your 50 unit box in the salon, offering the squares, instead of the sodas we normally serve. Your product is excellent and should be shared. Once again, your customer service, is without a doubt, some of the best I have ever encountered.
Thank you,