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This ZenEvo product is sensitive to heat. To guarantee the quality of the product during the summer months a cold packaging fee will be applied to your order.

We’ve taken gourmet-quality, dark chocolate to a whole new level, enhanced with Vitamin D, now being hailed as the “new wonder drug.” *
Once revered as the “Food of the Gods,” a little chocolate goes a long way. Researchers have found that eating dark chocolate in moderation five times a week may be good for your heart, your waistline, energy production and many more benefits.* That’s why we’ve formulated a daily portion sized chocolate and made it even better with Vitamin D.

Adding Vitamin D to the benefits of our gourmet-quality dark chocolate is a great bonus plan that strengthens and protects both children and adults. As many as 70 percent of American children are lacking in sufficient levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps build strong bones, boosts immunity, and plays a role in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar as well as its recently discovered roles in MS, cancer, asthma, Alzheimers, autism, and long-term severe illnesses in children. Latest reports speak of the benefits of Vitamin D in baldness research and its possible aid in regrowing hair**. So many reasons to make Vitamin D a regular routine. And ZenEvo™ Dark Chocolate helps you to make it enjoyable!

ZenEvo™ Dark Chocolate with Vitamin D is chocolate empowerment for life!

*Studies reported by NBC News, Medical News Today, Pediatrics, Science Daily, and Mayo Clinic **”Science Is Getting Closer to Curing Baldness” The Atlantic Wire – Monday, September 10, 2012

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