Here at ZenEvo, we always keep one principle in mind when crafting a new delicious creation: How can this product help you? Because of course everyone already knows the amazing health benefits of dark chocolate, but our goal is to take that one step further to create chocolate that can truly serve a purpose in your daily life.

In 2011, we dreamed up the idea of an energy product that was good for you and that actually tasted good, and with the creation of our Energy chocolate, ZenEvo was born. Since then we have formulated many different types of chocolates with benefits for everyone, including our weight loss raspberry chocolate, dark chocolate with vitamin D, protein peanut butter cups, and most recently our sleep white chocolate. So whether you are a business person constantly juggling a thousand tasks, a workout junkie with a passion for protein and caffeine, or an individual looking for a way to lose weight while still satisfying your sweet tooth — we’ve got you covered.